Early morning run - set overall timer for
25 minutes to run round
- note how far got
1. Right foot only - tap on every 6 steps
2. Left foot only - tap on every 6 steps
3. Right foot only - tap on every 4 steps
4. Left foot only - tap on every 4 steps
5. Right foot only - tap on every 2 steps
6. Left foot only - tap on every 2 steps
7. Dribble as fast as can with just right foot (long passes)
8. Dribble as fast as can with just left foot (long passes)
9. Dribble as fast as can with both feet
10. If on green lane, pass ball up
closest drive then down next

Football exercises with Nicky - next time copy what was done on Saturday and get Nicky good at finishing with a strike at the end of a dribble
6. great game - 2 camps 2 balls each player has to get both balls into their camp
5. exercise - pass to 3 diff places - if hit it is a point - 10 in 5 minutes - penguin
4. for the passes of various lengths - 5 cones - I stand at each one and pass back unitl all 5 done
3. make it about 15 for passes between cones
2. 5 feet length apart - 10 dribbles in 5 minutes
1. clearing ball out of penalty area - kick ball up and then catch when I throw it back
like idea of fixed distance - hit once - you run after it and back again
- must not go too far - but hard enough - then you kick it back - how many in 5 / 10 minutes

1. Practise striking against fence at Chertsey Rec - hitting hard with laces
2. Goal - Catching and kicking high
3. Defence - clearing the ball out of the area when alot of people around the ball - dont tackle own player
4. Dribble with a strike at end - set up cones in straight line with cone goal at end
5. Dribble with a strike at end - set up cones in curvy line with cone goal at end
6. Dribble with pass at end - cones either straight or curvy line - pass to me
7. Following instructions - dribble then pass where I say to pass as pass final dribble cone
8. Playing in position - hanging back to defend or going forward to support pass
9. Eye on the ball practise - head down, look at ball when striking - not looking where it goes
concentrating on getting the strike right
10. Throw ins and throws in general from goal
11. Sprint through cones without ball - now repeat with ball and try to be as fast
12. One touch dribble through cones - one touch each time you pass through - practise playing
to a certain area
13. Decide a route through various gates up the pitch towards goal - then execute - see how fast
and ensure they mix it up

Feet skills
1. Passes against fence - completely straight - can not move non passing foot, how many in a row can you do
2. Step overs with both feet - if start with left, step over to left then play to right with right
3. Stop Turn - Ball going back - left foot to stop, then left foot ahead of ball turning to right and
play in oppositedirection with right foot - then alternate feet
4. Taps between feet - like penguin walk
5. Keepy uppies
6. Simon Says
7. Clear instruction - pass right, pass left, go forward, come back, take a shot
When taking instruction do not look at me, just do it
8. Understand areas of the pitch - touchline, penalty area, centre circle and spot,
opposition goal, goal lines, halfway line
9. Compete with Nicky - set up longer route for you to dribble through and
see if he can keep up - every other session it's about you working out hard

General approach - use metronome and get him to do exercises to tempo so keeps him slow enough to do
properly and then have a measure for speeding up
In from TTD
exercise going round a player - Nicky at last minute goes to that side
reactions - shouting instructions at Nicky - get him to the react quickly - for example 'pass to the right'
set cones and see how far high ball lands and how good the direction is
accurate touch exercises in garden - which chairs can get ball onto or hit etc
hitting balls in the goal mouth - use as targets - also playing snooker
one tap dribbles
stop Nicky just running at player instead of ball
cone running warm up - do with Nicky
double dribble between cones Nicky idea - 2 balls
practise big kicks by kicking to Nicky then he dribbles back
jump onto right foot and kick with left when taking shots - Nicky
I do 10 before Nicky does 5 in dribbles between cones
play 3 minute song that nicky knows - at the end of it he knows what he needs to have scored by then
nice game with Nicky - when watching football - see who guesses where ball is passed to next and see who wins
carry big stick to hold with Nicky to help him learn abouit beating players - hold out to one side
do speed sprints with the ball - him without ball and then with ball between
2 points - make sure ball never too far - in fact have a number of touches you need to make -
such as 3 between two points a fair distance apart